Youth and Family Ministry


D i s c o v e r  Y o u r  P l a c e  i n  G o d ' s  H e a r t


Youth and Family Ministry

 Why youth ministry?

Young people need intentional and safe places to meet Jesus and learn to follow him. They also need a place to be with their peers and people outside the family who are invested in them and safe to interact with. Young people can grow and mature in their faith in Jesus by:

  • Hearing and talking about God’s Word,
  • Having a safe place to succeed and fail,
  • Being challenged to lead others
  • Being challenged to teach others and share faith
  • Having experiences to enrich faith

These should be done with purpose and in ways that meet young people where they are. We want to provide this chance for youth to meet their savior and figure out what it means to follow him individually and as a part of His body.

Who is youth ministry for?

Youth ministry is for families and young people in grades 7 to 12. Youth are currently ministered to in two groups.

Junior High School Ministry is youth in grades 7 to 8.  Youth are led in a ministry for their age and includes Confirmation at this stage.  For more information on Confirmation, click here.

High School Ministry is youth in grades 9 to 12.  Youth are challenged to actively follow Jesus and seek Him out in their lives.

Youth ministry is also for parents of teens. Our goal is to support and equip parents as needed. This includes learning opportunities and events including the parents and families of teens.

Other Opportunities Coming

               College Ministry

               Pre-teen Ministry

               Young Adults and Post Grads

For more information or to get involved in young people’s lives, contact me, Larry Yochum, Director of Youth Ministry.