Cruise to Cash: The Law of Attraction, and Sherm Mason, a powerful marketing combo

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Cruise to Cash: The Law of Attraction, and Sherm Mason, a powerful marketing combo

A New Law of Attraction Marketing Breakthrough is a collaboration of Magnetic Marketing Systems, launched by Sherm Mason. The System Attracts customers using The Law of Attraction, media known as The Secret. Cruise to Cash is the business Sherm Mason created this new marketing system for. The Law of Attraction Marketing System challenges EDC Gold, EDC Diamond, RoadMap to Riches, Abunza, Big Ticket to Wealth, David Dubbs, Chris Campbell, and Ty Coughlin’s Reverse Funnel System, in online market share.

The concept and idea behind the Top Cruise to Cash Team is that teamwork will make everyone involved more successful rather than just a few. Throw in the Teachings of The Secret or The Law of Attraction and you have a recipe for domination in the market place.

The entire team will be successful and many more people will reach their dreams and goals. Instead of their “training” being just an e-mail sent with some resources, they’ve created an entire training site. Prospective members can get a “sneak peak” at the power behind this next generation Law of Attraction concept below:

1. Information can be found at:

Sherm Mason says, “Branding is key. Our system gives one The Law of Attraction Marketing System, our websites, and our story for free once they are on our team. Plug into it. Let the story behind partner Fabricio Cruz, who did 41 Sales in 30 Days with the system, and the websites that we give then do the sifting, sorting, and selling. Then once they have success, we make them their websites. Get their names out there — they brand themselves! That’s when they know they’ve truly made it. Member of the system can rest with peace of mind knowing that they’ve finally have achieved a success story in any and all future endeavors.”

The main reasons for this continued growth are The integrity of the company backing Cruise To Cash, known as the Global Abundance Program, people also like the simplicity of Cruise To Cash – no ebooks or software that most people won’t use, instead we are based around the over 7 trillion dollar travel industry, with much support from the company for members and an opportunity to make almost $1000 per sale” explains Cruise To Cash Top earner, Sherm Mason

More people are joining Cruise To Cash due to the fact that they are tired of games, and are looking for a substantial long lasting home based business, a business that will help them be more financially secure and provide all the tools that they need to be successful.

2. Business overview:

People Fail, Systems don’t. The Law of Attraction Marketing system uses a reversignups attraction factor that is very hard to resist from the prospect perspective. One can literally become an attraction manget, pulling people in that are ready to paying. It is a win-win situation. Zig Ziglar is famous for the saying, “you can have everything you want in life, if you will just help enough other people get what they want.” This is a modern day dipiction of an ancient practice surfacing all over the planet today called The Law of Attraction, brought to modern day entertainment format in The Secret DVD. This is waking up the world in terms of mankind realizing there’s enough abundace in this world for everyone.

It is a very simple yet powerful concept. “The movement of money creates wealth. You are wealthy in direct proportion to the amount of money that passes through your hands.” –Sherm Mason

Witness The Law of Attraction System here and pay particular to the underlying attraction factor in our marketing methods. The Seeing, Feeling, Hearing involved in our marketing system. This attraction factor system is Unique on the internet and taking the online community by storm:

3. The Law of Attraction Marketing System:

The Cruise to cash business is a Monster that just keeps growing. Cheap cruises, unlimited vacations, simply to put it the 7 trillion dollar industry of travel is amazing. The business of travel with Cruise to cash has had many peeople from all walks of life join and the business has given them financial secruity and at the same time allowed people to take cheap vacations.