Raja Yoga

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Raja Yoga

Raja suggests kingly or royal. This type of meditation is
based upon bringing the mind and feelings into balance
or consistency so that your attention might be quickly
directed on the item of your meditation or on the
Lord straight.

Vital force is usually a motion up and down the
spinal column so that it ends up being well balanced and the feelings as
well as the mind are serenely content.

Awareness is then directed to move on into a.
point that lies in the center of one’s lower.
forehead. This meditation point, which is likewise called.
the ajna, or pineal eye, lies about 1 half inches.
above where the eyebrows fulfill.

When the energy ends up being well balanced throughout your body.
and brain and moves easily into the location of the.
ajna, peace appears to surpass your mind.

Your mind is not passive however it releases itself.
from the useless concerns, ideas and mess of.
the subconscious mind.

You obtain an enjoyable sense of well remaining in this.
state and your mind appears to be filled with a velvety.

As your awareness courses towards your pineal eye,.
various pastel colors appear in your forehead. There.
are delicious, remarkable pinks, whites, indigos,.
purples, yellows, blues and green that take their turn.
in your forehead.

As your vital force ends up being more powerful and more.
focused you might believe you see lightning,.
fireflies or moonlight. This entire procedure is getting.
you prepared to experience your real nature.

The individual who practices raja yoga in its purest kind.
lives in bless with the will entirely gave up to.